Traditional finishes

  1. Greenway manor. The exterior wall of the library was painted with 5 coats of casein lime-wash.

  2. Kitchen at Greenway. Complete re-decoration.

  3. Fireplace, also at Greenway Manor. The client wanted to use the fireplace to burn wood but also wanted it painted to match the white walls in the room. Dulux had an eggshell paint that is resistant to heat and moisture. The colour was good, but the eggshell finish didn’t match chalky texture of the soft distemper. I think the compromise is acceptable and the client was pleased.

  4. Church at Bishops Lydeard. The paint was blistering all around the church. Found out it was painted on lime-wash which was painted on modern plaster. I removed the paint from one arcade wall (the worst area) and painted it with oil bound distemper.

  5. Restaurant at Lyme Regis. The front had just been rendered with lime. Normally we would lime-wash it, but it wouldn’t last very long with the coastal weather. So we used Kiem mineral paint, including the dark line along the bottom. The finish is quite modern compared to lime-wash (although now a mottled effect can be achieved with a couple of colour washes).

  6. 19th century ‘Arts and Crafts’ church. The window was repaired and stained with an ebony colour.

  7. Holy Trinity Church, Cleeve. We removed all the old blistering paint and re-decorated with casian distemper.

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Traditional British craftsmanship